The Head office in Mombasa has a warehouse covering around 10,000sq.ft where the cargo is consolidated for onward transportation to Nairobi or other major towns. Our main workshop in Mombasa covers an area of 30,000 square feet. The workshop is equipped to do all the maintenance work needed for the smooth operation of our fleet. Our fuel pump station is also in the workshop to enable efficient operations.


The Branch office in Nairobi is situated in the Industrial area of the city with a warehouse covering 30,000sq.ft which is used for storage and distribution of consignments. Our offices offer logistics required to ensure clients’ cargo is collected transported ands delivered efficiently.


Jihan Freighters Kisumu branch is strategically located within the city covering an area of 5,000sq.ft. The branch serves our customers in western Kenya and is utilized for warehousing and distribution of clients’ cargo.


Jihan Freighters Eldoret branch is located within Eldoret city centre, along Arap Kitonga street. With its warehouse space of approximately 5000sq Ft and a spacious modern office, the branch adequately caters to its clients’ needs through provision of quality transportation services for both loose and containerized cargo; reliable courier services; and safe warehousing facilities.


Jihan Freighters Malindi branch office is mainly used as a collection and contact point with our clients in Malindi. In response to our clients’ requests, we decided to open a branch and cater for the demand fueled by the growing tourism industry in Malindi and its environs.


JIhan Freighters expanded its grip of the Rift Valley region when it launched another branch in Nakuru to better serve the growing need of the rift population. With its experienced workforce on site, Jihan has ensured that it provides faster and efficient deliveries and collection services. We now have trucks delivering in Nakuru on a daily basis. The branch has also boosted our collection services in the region by ensuring that our clients’ gets served promptly.
In addition to the above, we daily load stripped loose cargo at the various Container Freight Stations (CFS) within Mombasa for eventual transportation to the importers. Our loading supervisors at the CFS make sure that all the stripped cargo is well loaded onto the trucks.